What You Can See in Monte Carlo

The world is full of interesting places, some of them remote, some of them right there at the palm of your hand. If you want to explore the world, you should get out there and see it for yourself. It is worth getting informed about the places you are visiting, however, because you can see more and experience more. This is why if you are planning on going to Monaco, specifically, Monte Carlo, you should keep reading to see what this lovely city has to offer, the amazing things you can see and experience there.

The Monaco Grand Prix

This is one of the most iconic parts of Monaco and consequently, Monte Carlo. The Grand Prix is old and has quite a culture connected to it. People often pour into the small country and city to see one of the most iconic races. The races are fast and very loud and you can only see a part of the track at a single time, and some of the best seats are extremely expensive. There are free spots where you can see some parts of the track but be prepared to spend a lot if you want a better spot.

Monte Carlo Casino

It is an old building which was designed by Charles Garner, the person who designed the Paris opera. Additionally, this being a casino is only a part of its facilities, it is also the home for the Monte Carlo opera and ballet. It is also the casino which inspired Casino Royale, as well as being featured in the other, older James Bond movies like Goldeneye and Never Say Never Again. It is not as large as the Vegas casinos, but it is comparable in everything else.

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

This is an amazing museum, founded by Prince Albert I, once a sea captain. Some of the exhibitions are results of his explorations and adventures. There is a full size skeleton of a whale. You can find one of the largest aquariums here, often considered one of the best ones in the world. It has over 90 tanks and it is worth noting that one of them is an actual shark tank.

Larvotto Beach

This beach is free for the public and you can go there at any time of the day. The beach is popular, so if you want to see and feel any sand, without pushing other people out of the way, you should go there early in the morning. If you want any privacy, you should be there early and go out early. The beach is popular, so expect to see a lot of people, but beware, some of them like to bathe and sit topless.

The Monaco Cathedral

This is an amazing place to visit, containing the remains of Grace Kelly, a famous actress who was then turned princess of Monaco. The cathedral is open to visitors, at almost all times except during mass services. The tours are free of charge, as it should be in a place like this one. 

From races to museums of all kinds, to beaches, expensive stores and parties, Monte Carlo has it all, and it is tightly packed in a very urban location. It is the capital of Monaco, a place you should visit if you want to see a lot packed into a relatively crowded package of culture and history.

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