Places to Avoid in Europe when Hitchhiking

There are various art forms in this world. Some of these should not even be considered art, given that they stretch the definition to include many other things. For example, hitchhiking. Who would have thought that you need a lot of skill and experience, not to mention social intelligence to be successful in hitch hiking. A one time thing does not count, but thousands of kilometers traveled that way. 

No matter your experience, going to a new place, or continent, you might want to learn some new things in order to prevent having bad experiences (some are likely to happen, but a bunch of those can be avoided). Here is a list of places and routes to avoid in Europe, when hitchhiking.

Capital Cities

This should go without saying but it is important to mention it regardless. Some people think that it is a good idea to have someone take you to London or Paris, without actually realizing that most people flock to the great, big cities. It is very difficult to find your way to a route going out of the city and find someone willing to take you anywhere else. Commuters are often tired and are not willing to take on passengers. If you have to visit capital cities, then plan it out ahead, and plan on staying in the city. When in Rome, you know what they say.


Don’t hitchhike on highways. It is illegal in most countries and with cars going over 100 km/h, you are more likely to be run over than to find a ride, unless it is to a hospital or holding cell. In the emergency lane, the most likely car to pick you up is a police car. With that in mind, forget highways in any European country. Some say that you can get away with it in Eastern Europe, but beware, you might also simply get a ticket and not the kind of ride you wanted.

Various Roads at Night

Some countries, especially at night, aren’t dangerous per say, but you are unlikely to find a ride. People do ride at night, but most roads do not have very good lighting in some countries. The first reason to avoid them is safety, the second, you might get disappointed when nobody gives you a ride after a while.

Forests and Mountainous Roads

Unless it’s the season or the weekend, you should avoid mountainous roads unless you know that people will be going through that location frequently. Have this in mind before going on a trip to a mountain.

If you, however, know that it is the season, for example, winter, then you might find a ride more frequently than in the middle of the week, on a rainy September day.

These are some of the places and routes you should avoid in Europe while hitchhiking. Since there are no concrete locations, these tips could be applicable to almost any location. Have fun and stay safe.

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