The World’s Best Cruise Lines

Our world is interesting and traveling is one of the best ways to explore it. Sure, you can take online tours and read about places in books and adventure novels, but rarely does anything compare to the first hand experience of traveling the world. This means that you need to get on a bus, plane or car and see the world. The occasional train ride is amazing, but not everyone has the guts to go on a cruise.

Cruises are a fairly niche way of traveling the world, more often than not, used as a type of vacation. Cruises can take you anywhere and everywhere, from traditional routes to various exotic locations and even some dangerous ones, depending on your choice. Here are the world’s best cruises if you’re feeling like getting your feet wet.

Royal Caribbean International

This company has become a synonym for cruise lines and cruise ships. They are amazing because they offer the best experience for the money. When people hear that, they often think cheap or compromise, but with Royal Caribbean International, there is no such thing. Their Mega Ships (4000 or more passengers), are amazing and have enough things for everyone to be entertained. They also have luxury suites and cabins, depending on how much money you are willing to spend. The ships sail the Mediterrannean and Caribbean but given that you have water slides, bars with robot servers, you might not even want to leave the ships.

Norwegian Cruise Line

If you want luxury, their ships are the right ones for you. Given the name of the company and the status of the country, you can expect top of the line luxury. They have a couple of mega ships and a lot of large ships (2000 to 4000 passengers) and all of the ships offer state of the art equipment as well as ways of entertaining yourself which vary from sports to casinos, to virtual reality games. You can find their ships mostly in North America, the Caribbean as well as the Mediterrannean. Book a cruise if you have the money, you won’t regret it.

MSC Cruises

This company is rather interesting, because its headquarters are in Switzerland, a country with no access to sea or an ocean. A company with their headquarters in a landlocked country is one of the world’s top competitors when it comes to cruises. Their ships travel all over the world and offer some of the best experiences you can have aboard a sea bound vessel. While primarily operating in the Caribbean and Mediterrannean, you can also find their ships in the North Sea, as well as Asia and South America. They seem to be all over the world so booking a cruise with them should be a safe way of ensuring that you have a good time.

Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival is an interesting company because their ships are by far the most popular in the world. This is because they are family oriented and their prices are the most competitive. They frequently have the highest annual number of passengers which says a lot about the company. Their ships are often famous for being entertaining, their upper decks, especially. They have a subordinate cruise line called Costa Cruises which handles the luxury side of things. Interestingly, Costa was a shipping company once upon a time.

These are the world’s best cruise lines, which you should have in mind if you want to take a cruise. From luxury cruises on huge ships to amazing experiences on large ships which won’t send your bank account in the red. Take your pick knowing that these cruise lines won’t disappoint you.

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