6 Craziest Jobs People Would Accept When Traveling

People often tend to do a lot of things they otherwise wouldn’t when they are on the road. Traveling to another city or country releases you from the constraints of society, to an extent, at least from the society which knows who you are. This often means that people have different experiences from their normal life, often very exciting.

For those who frequently travel and are in need of a job, working in another city and country is an option. It is interesting, however, to note that some people have done various exotic and weird jobs when traveling. Here are the weirdest among them.

Cleaning Antique Weapons

Traveling the world gets you around all sorts of museums, small and large. Some of these have a lot of work to be done and not enough staff. Luckily, tourists and travelers are the perfect match, because they are willing to work for any type of money when the need arises. Polishing weapons, armor, flintlock guns, all sorts of things a gun museum might have, is just one of the jobs you can have while traveling.

Helping Domestic Animals Reproduce

Some farms are a bit more anal about how their animals reporduce. Traveling workers often find themselves working all sorts of jobs, some more gooey than others. Animals have to reproduce and new livestock needs to be born, but, there is not time for nature to work its course, so you must assist the males in producing the sperm necessary to inseminate the females. It’s hard work but someone has to do it.

Traveling Circus Helping Hand

Traveling circuses need someone to wash their uniforms and help with the animals, keeping their cages clean and the animals as well. While you could be a performer, chances are that you don’t have the skill to become one, but you do have the skill to help with everyday tasks. This is a great opportunity to travel the world if you feel like helping a circus stay clean.

Bollywood Extra

Traveling India as a foreigner, many people have been approached by Bollywood directors and others involved in creating a movie and been asked to star in their movies. You might end up being a corpse in one scene or a celebrity walking around in another, it all depends on the movie. 

Adult Movie Actors

This one is a bit tricky, but some women have been asked, when visiting hotels and hostels around the world, whether they would want to show off their bodies or a little something more, depending on the situation and their willingness. The compensation is great, of course, but it comes with a price of stardom which you might not want, or at least, your parents.

Research Subject

This is an odd one, but you should be very careful that you read all the footnotes and small print if you want to apply to be one. Whether NASA or a company from China or Russia, you can end up with side effects, no matter the compensation. It has been done, though, successfully.

These are the craziest jobs people have done while traveling. Some of these jobs might not seem crazy but once you try them, you might change your mind. There probably are a lot more crazy stories to be shared, so look them up.

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