The Best Highways in Europe

Plenty of people love to drive. Some like to race on mountainous, curvy roads, finding that sweet spot when you shift at the right time and accelerate out of a sharp turn. Others, they like going forward, simple and to the point. Some like to go fast, others slow, but almost everyone loves to ride on a nice, flat highway, without any bumps or potholes. Europe has some of the best highways, some of them actually pretty famous. Here is a list of the best highways in Europe.

The Autobahn – The German Highway

If you want to go fast, you should go to Germany, at least if you want to do it legally on a highway, or at least on parts of the said highway.

The Autobahn is basically the German word for highway. People often call it that way because they want to signify its importance. It is one of the only parts of the world where you can drive your car as fast as possible in traffic. Some parts of the highway have no speed limits, so it is not strange to see estate wagons passing by at over 200 km/h, not to mention delivery service vans.

The Transfagarasan Highway – Romania

This highway takes you through the Carpatian mountains, lovely scenery, lots of cliffs, forests and tunnels. It was built in 1974 so that the military would have an easier way of traversing the mountains. Today, regular people use it to travel and enjoy the sights.

Swiss Highways – Safety and Quality

If you ever wanted to drive somewhere and feel safe while doing so, Switzerland is the place to do it. Their highways are pristine and the quality of the drivers is exemplary. It is ranked as one of the safest countries to drive in, along with it being one with the highest road quality.

Russian Highways – A Dangerous Drive

If you want to try the other side of the coin, you should travel to Russia. If you search for Russian traffic or driving online, you will likely find terrifying and hilarious clips of various accidents and traffic collisions in Russia. On the flip side, they do have the cheapest fuel in the entirety of Europe.

These are some of Europe’s best and most interesting highways to drive on. See whether you like any of them and whether they are worth the trip.

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