4 Greatest Destinations for Car Lovers

There are many things in this world which are amazing to behold, from nature’s greatest creations to the creations of man, history, culture and engineering. Today, we can explore a lot just by touching the screens on our mobile phones. This was considered science fiction just 30 years ago, not to mention 50 years ago. 

Some people have a love for cars. They can be fast, slow, comfortable, minimalistic, electric, very specific in their use case. Whatever the reason, people care for cars and want to see more of them. With that in mind, here are the best destinations in the world for car lovers. 

Germany – Many Great Car Companies in One Place

There isn’t a single place to visit which will have as many different car brands for you to explore like Germany. Each of the great names like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen and more, have their own museum. You can see cars from a hundred years ago, not to mention something a bit more modern, like the last decade’s hottest race cars. It should be noted that not all the museums are in a single city, so you should check to see where you need to go before actually embarking to Germany. 

It is worth noting that Germany is home to their Autobahn, the freeway where there aren’t speed limits at certain parts. Enjoy revving your engines to the limit.

Italy – Modena – The Pagani Factory

Like most luxury brands, Pagani offers a tour of their factory. They build hypercars and what is better than to see how a hypercar is built and how the engineers spend their time building some of the world’s most expensive and fastest vehicles. Pagani is known for their ludicrous style of vehicles, but that is somewhat to be expected for a hypercar company where the car’s price is in the millions of dollars.

Italy – The Stelvio Pass

Italy has some of the most interesting roads in the world. In a world of safe roads and highways, you want to see a road which is windy and has lots of sharp turns to experience the excitement of driving once more. The Stelvio Pass is amazing just because it exists. High up in the mountains, it is frequently shut down due to snowfall during winter months. It is one of those great roads which is regarded as one of the best, even by the drivers over at Top Gear.

Cuba – Havana – Old School Cars

Due to Cuba having an import ban in the last century, they have a lot of old cars which are kept in great shape due to them not having newer ones for ages. So, if you want to see a lot of old cars which look and feel like they would over 50 years ago, then you should consider visiting Cuba.

These are some of the world’s top destinations for car lovers. Visit any of them if you want to see something new or old, depending on your taste. Enjoy your trip and here’s hoping that you see more cars on the way.

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