4 Most Dangerous Things that Hitchhikers Do

There are many ways of traveling the world and some of them are safer than others. Traveling  by plane is much safer than traveling by car, even though you might feel safer being that much closer to the ground. Trains are even more safer.

But what if you don’t want to purchase plane tickets or ride the bus or spend money owning a car. Fuel is expensive so why not let someone else purchase it? This is why hitchhiking exists. People travel the world by hitchhiking. Some do it for a long time and are experienced at it. Others have thought about starting it. For the newcomers and experiences hitchhikers alike, here are the most dangerous things that hitchhikers do.

Hitchhiking on Highways

It is dangerous to spend time standing on a highway, even in the emergency lane. There have been numerous accidents on the highways, whether in the emergency lanes or in general. People traveling fast in cars is an accident waiting to happen. One wrong move and you might end up flying off the highway.

Some people end up hitchhiking on the highway, which is very dangerous, for multiple reasons. Reason number one is that you may die. Reason number two is that it is illegal in most countries and you might get a fine or get a ride in a police car. You should avoid doing this.

Hitchhiking Alone

This is a trend, because people want to rely only on themselves and do not want to count on other people. This being said, it is very important not to hitchhike alone if you want to avoid various problems. Perverts are often a problem, especially for women who hitchhike alone. Generally, you would want to memorize and send the license plates of a vehicle to someone, just in case, which is even more important if you are hitchhiking alone.

Hitchhiking in Very Cold Weather

Some people tend to hitchhike in summer, but there are adventurers who prefer to hitchhike and travel in winter. This can be problematic if you cannot find a ride or if you actually get caught in a snowstorm during night. Planning your route and spending the night somewhere warm is essential during winter time. 

Hitchhiking in General

Hitchhiking is dangerous by itself. You stand on the side on the road and you have faith that someone will pick you up and drive you somewhere. Counting on others’ good will and morals to take you to a destination is dangerous by itself, not to mention the obvious physical danger of standing close to speeding traffic.

If you want to hitchhike, then know these dangerous things which people often overlook when thinking about hitchhiking. Keep yourself safe and enjoy your travels, but mind the dangers of traveling.

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