Having a limited time to explore our lives, our world, we should make the most of it. Choosing to live your life a certain way, one can do a lot in a short period of time, or even for a long period of time, depending on how much energy one spends every day.

People often take self-destructive paths (there being many of them), without even realizing it. There are many ways to hurt or inhibit your own growth, or even damage your health, if not immediately, then certainly over time.

We end up being hurt, sometimes physically, and at other times, emotionally. The first part can be healed with various exercises and medicine, to an extent. The second is a bit trickier, due to the varying nature of humans and their mental states. Travel helps with a lot of things. It gives you freedom to see the world from a different point of view, and sometimes, that is more than enough.